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Property Management

Property Management is the management of property, building fabric, mechanical and electrical equipment, safety systems, and other physical assets that are acquired and used to build, repair and maintain property.

At DCPL we have over 18 years experience in managing residential property. We provide a comprehensive, transparent and cost effective service to Property Owners and Management Companies

What is the role of a Management Agent?

Multi Unit Developments ( such as Apartment Blocks or Multi-Unit Housing developments ) are controlled by an Owner Management Company (OMC).

The Management Company is normally a Limited Company, which is owned by the owners (shareholders) of the individual apartments or houses in that development.

All owners have an invested interest in the Management Company and in the management and upkeep of the common areas. It is imperative that a complex be maintained to the highest standard to ensure that the units within it hold their value.

The Management Company is responsible for the upkeep of all open spaces, communal areas, and services relating to the development. Service charges (also known as Management fees) are paid annually by all of the owners to cover expenses throughout the year.

The owners have total control over their Management Company. They appoint Directors from among their numbers to oversee the running of the company.

In most cases, the residents (owners) of a Management Company hire the services of a Management Agent such as Dublin City Proprty Lettings to run the Management Company on their behalf. These Managing Agents are contracted to run the Management Company on the owners behalf.

As Management Agents Dublin City Property Lettings offer a comprehensive range of services to all of our clients. Our range of services include all of the following:

Financial and Administrative

  • Prepare, issue and administer the appropriate Service Charge Accounts to all Members apportioned in accordance with the terms of the Lease or Title and as prescribed by the approved Budget.
  • Collection of Annual Service Charges including arrears. Liaising with Companies Solicitors and any other advisors
  • Management of Company Bank Accounts and Account reconciliations
  • A comprehensive book keeping and accounting service
  • Providing the Company’s auditor with sufficient financial information to prepare accounts
  • Communicating with the Directors and Auditors and advising them when required
  • Dealing with Insurance matters including advice and handling claims
  • Preparation of reports for AGM’s and Management Meetings
  • We offer the Company Director’s access to an online accounting package; this enables Directors full access to the Companies financial records on a 24 hour basis. Supplier invoices are scanned and on line approval given by Directors before payment is made to suppliers
  • All funds collected are administered into separate bank accounts which are owned by the Management Company
  • All banking is done on-line which ensures Directors can have full access to bank records and co-approve supplier payments


  • Maintaining common areas, arranging for any necessary repairs and obtaining Director’s approval for any large capital expenditure
  • Routine site Inspections and issuing a report to the Directors
  • As a matter of good practice, we procure as appropriate, three quotes where contracts are being renewed or are not already in place.
  • Landscaping, lift maintenance, fire alarms & extinguisher maintenance and security services
  • Management of car parks and street lighting – Clamping Services available
  • Responsibility for the appointment of repair, cleaning and maintenance contractors
  • Waste Management, and supervision of heating oil deliveries, where required
  • Deal with harsh weather occurrences eg path and road gritting
  • Providing information and advice also responding to all enquiries from owners
  • Quarterly inspection of fire alarms and emergency lighting
  • Delivery supervision of electrical goods, such as fridges, cookers etc.
  • Ensuring locks are fire compliant on units

Legal and Corporate Administration

  • Act as Company Secretary for the Management Company
  • Carry out statutory duties of the Company Secretary
  • Provide Directors with legal and administrative support
  • Keep and make available for inspection the members register
  • Maintaining a database of Owners
  • Administering share transfers
  • Provide a registered office for the Management Company
  • Custody of the company seal
  • Responding to Requisitions on Title to the management company in the event of re-sales
  • Calling of all Committee/Board meetings in line with company legislation
  • Organising AGM’s, EGM’s, minute taking and forwarding of Minutes and Accounts to Members
  • Assist and advise Board/Committee members
  • Communicating with members e.g. notifying the members of meetings of the company, details of proposed resolutions to be considered at meetings etc.
  • Circulating copies of the annual financial statements to members
  • Delivering copies of special and certain other resolutions passed by the company
  • Prepare and issue minutes of general meetings
  • Prepare and issue minutes of Board meetings
  • Arrange for filing of Annual Return and any changes of Directors etc
  • Set up a dedicated website with restricted access for Owners at each development to publish Annual Accounts, Minutes of AGM’s, Service Charge Budgets and Notice of AGM’s. This can also be used as a platform by the Directors to bring Owners up to date on any issues affecting the development.